1-Day-Sale Saturday April 16th

We're getting lots of queries on our sale so here is a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked :

1. Yes, you can try on dresses on sale day.
2. You purchase the dress on the day and take it with you.
3. Dresses on our Special Offers page will be available on the day, along with lots of others that are not on that page.
4. We accept all forms of legal tender. Cheques will be accepted only with a valid bank card and for the amount allowed on the card.
5. We ask you not to wear fake-tan, bronzer or any kind of tinted cream on your body.
( We strictly enforce this,so if you are wearing it,you will be asked to take it off )
6. There will be 5 fitting rooms available.
7. At busy times, we will limit the amount of dresses allowed per customer to try on.
8. We will provide lists of seamstresses/tailors who can alter your garments.
Hope this helps and see you on Saturday. We will open our doors at 8.30am.